Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mira Mesa Mondays (w/ Devilicious)

      So my friends at Devilicious made this masterpiece. My friend Keelan Burg loves seafood so he didnt hesitate to order it. (That and it was at the top of the list and he was starving lol) This is their Butter Poached Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich served with an arugula salad and a house vinaigrette. As you can see he couldnt wait for the picture to be taken. (Thanks Ed for the pic, and a big thanks to Mishak for cooking!!!)

My favorite thing to do when ordering food is to just tell the chef "whatever you wanna make me." (Only once have i been disappointed, but then again my friends are smart asses and i love Captain Crunch) This is also another Devilicious treat- the Shrimp Poboy. When i got this I was in love. Massive pieces of tempura battered shrimp, a nice spicy mayo, pickles and fixins, between what seemed to be a toasted roll. Oh and salad on the side that was delicious too, but lets not lose focus here. I never got a pic of it, but we also got smores sandwich for dessert. Picture a grilled cheese, but instead of cheese there is chocolate and marshmallow melted between two toasted pieces of cinnamon toast... THANK YOU SO MUCH DEVILICIOUS!

 (special thanks to ed for the pic, and mishak for the deliciousness that is Devilicious)

-Philipp Pilpil Repil (founder/co-owner of Spoonfools)